Pathways ALC

Portland, Oregon

Pathways is in the early stages of planning.
Here is our current vision:

Pathways ALC is a year-round, all-ages, Agile Learning Community that provides resources and social support for self-directed learners and their families. We use simple yet powerful “agile” tools for self-organization and intentional culture creation. Pathways members are empowered to engage their passions and curiosities in ways that naturally develop their intellectual, emotional, and social intelligence. Unlike a school, Pathways doesn’t separate learning from living. It’s a real-life, non-residential community designed to be a catalyst for spontaneous, joyful, lifelong learning.

Pathways is as much for parents as for their children. Parents can stay on-site and use our resources to “do their own thing” or enjoy the company of like-minded adults while remaining accessible to their children. And Pathways membership includes optional training in the principles and practices of Agile Learning Facilitation, as well as PATH Parenting, an approach based on Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart.

For “stay-at-home” parents, Pathways provides a way out of isolation and/or the incessant need to organize activities and playdates. At Pathways, there’s always an abundance of playmates and possibilities for children, as well as resources and social support for parents.


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